Our Kitchen Team:


James Fitzpatrick

Cooking in North Norfolk from a young age was an inspiration. Our fields, skies and sea have an abundance of rich produce. With this knowledge I am able to source the best local, seasonal ingredients and plate them with passion. I also extend this to my home where I grow fruit and vegetables in my family allotment where we can appreciate the season’s food.


George Randell

Being a Norfolk lad growing up on the local reed beds of Cley Marshes and having a father who works closely with local farmers and fishermen, it has been an inspiration which shows in my cooking. We are so lucky to have the produce that we do on our doorstep.

Knowing Ali and Richard for many years with their love and passion for our oceans, whether it be to source the freshest seafood or to enjoy them. They respect the ocean by not fishing all year round which gives our coast time to replenish ready for the next fishing season. Knowing all this was my main attraction of being able to be a part of the Rocky Bottoms Family.