About Us

Rocky Bottoms started out originally as a 1800s brick kiln with a purpose to fire bricks. Eventually the brick kiln was unable to compete with larger competitors and closed down post WW2. Since this time the brick kiln has offered itself as agricultural storage until it collapsed and stood derelict.

In 2008 the brick kiln’s potential and need of restoration was spotted by local fishing family; The Matthews. After years of love and attention, Rocky Bottoms, as we know it today was born. Our doors opened in May 2015, just in time for the start of the crab season. We deliver local shell food from pot to plate in a laid back environment. Rocky Bottoms believes in enjoying the simpler things in life!

At the head of the family, husband and wife are Richard and Alison who are quite the duo in providing Norfolk and it’s many local businesses with Weybourne’s famously delicious crabs and lobsters.

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Richard has been the local fisherman for 35 years; his faithful Anna-Gail fishing boat is a traditional double-ended crab boat who is naturally au fait with the north Norfolk coast and is just one of very few traditional fishing boats on our waters today.

On return from fishing Richard boils the crabs and lobsters and Alison prepares the produce, namely dressing crabs which involves removing the ‘dead man’s finger’, at their nearby home. At this point the crabs and lobsters are Rocky Bottoms ready.

On your visit it’s highly likely you will be greeted by:

The Manager: Joe

The Head Chef: James aka.Fitzy
Skill: creatively uses fresh, simple food into mouth-watering experiences.

The Sous Chefs: Sean and Ben

Bridie, Anna, Abigail, Leonie, Josef, Megan, Ameilia, Henry, Charlotte, George, Liam, Joanna, Kyla and EJ


And of course, when they’re not sourcing our signature dishes, Richard and Alison.


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